YouTube-Personal use and business

By: Pete Amos


Overview & Description


                YouTube is a social media site where users can view and upload videos.  There are many different ways to use YouTube but perhaps the most popular are for self-promotion and learning tools.  An example for self-promotion would be the NFL draft coming up in a few months.   Players from small schools that normally don’t receive attention can now upload highlight videos of themselves.  The result is coaches are getting to see their game tape where otherwise they might not, the player can now be drafted higher than they normally would.   YouTube can be an effective learning tool that can turn a boring lecture into something fun.  Teachers can use it to help aid a discussion by bringing up YouTube in the classroom.  Teachers are claiming that by using YouTube for projects, “students have repeatedly gone above and beyond the project’s requirements, surpassing all expectations.”  As a result “students are always eager to share their creations with their peer; the presentations typically result in a lively discussion and entertaining class period.”  If you think you a handyman but you always need help fixing things, YouTube can be that guide that helps you accomplish your tasks.  (Ferris)


What makes it Unique?


“The beauty of a tool like YouTube, in contrast with social networks is that you don’t have to sign up or create a profile to start using it.” (Brown)  Not logging in can save you some time, and the ability to view it on a mobile phone or the internet gives you access everywhere.  Perhaps the best thing about YouTube is the number of users.   They claim to have “More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month” and “100 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.” With all the users involved, you should be able to find the video you want to watch without a problem.  Also if you’re a creator of videos you can have you work viewed almost instantaneous and you will be able to monitor effectiveness through the comments left by other users.  YouTube also has some signature qualities that may be lacking on other visual social media sites.  You are allowed to embed links or words into the video itself so you can read along or click to other videos.  YouTube also allows you to share your videos on a number of different social media sites with a click of a button.  Also you can feature YouTube videos on any website.   (YouTube)




YouTube was “created in 2005 by three former emplyees of PayPal, using US$11 millionin venture capital.”  They moved from a place above a pizza shop in California, to a “permanent three story facility in San Bruno.”  YouTube had received enough attention that “the company had been bought by Google, Inc., and now is a division of Google.” Then got involved in the film industry in “2008, YouTube signed a deal with MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment and CBS allowing the companies to post full-length films.”  Today YouTube remains one of the most popular visual social media site in the world. (Ballard)



Key Performance Indicators


                Just like Facebook, you can like videos on YouTube.  What is interesting is the ability to dislike the video as well.  Video creators can get instant feedback with the comments that the viewers leave.  The most popular KPI for YouTube has to be the number of views a video receives.  Other ways to measure performance would be the number of subscribers a user has.




Sometimes you cannot find a video that is perfect for you, but you can find one that is related that will work.  For example I was looking for a video to remove an alternator from my Nissan Maxima, but I ended up using a video of someone removing an alternator from an Altima which has the same engine setup.  I would also recommend browsing through the channels because you can find videos recommended for that category.  Also if your advertising on YouTube make sure your video is not offensive to anyone because there are many followers not just in the United States.


Marketing/ Advertising Opportunities


                No matter what industry you’re involved in marketing and advertising has changed since the creation of YouTube.  “According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network.”  Marketing students should take note that if your target market is 18-34 year olds in the United States then you must be advertising on YouTube.   It is going to be more effective to post a video on YouTube then on a cable channel.  We are all aware that international business is becoming an increasingly important role in business.  YouTube has a lot of international followers so the chances that your advertisement catches on in another country are high.   One of the best kinds of advertisement you cannot buy is publicity.  YouTube is the perfect platform to feature videos of a company giving back to the local community or other forms of publicity.  Finally if you’re in the marketing industry YouTube may be the best forum to study advertisements since you have access to so many videos. (YouTube)




RevZilla, a motorcycle gear retailer, has used YouTube since they were founded in 2007 has a way to provide customers their best customer service.  It just a small store out of Philadelphia but with the help of YouTube Revzilla is competing with some big time companies.  The co-founders uploaded videos for the customers where they could learn the products that RevZilla was selling.  “With an ongoing YouTube promotion on their website, RevZilla tripled their subscriber base in just a few months” also they have “achieved revenue growth of 50+% for past 3 years.” (Case Study- RevZilla)

Berklee College of Music is dedicated to teaching music online.  They are based out of Boston but their goal was to increase exposure worldwide.  Berklee now utilizes a YouTube channel that “has over 300 videos, more than 33,500 subscribers, and over 16.7 million views.”  Berklee is not only teaching through YouTube they are also using it for marketing, by upload short videos to attract inspiring musicians.  While using YouTube Berklee was able to recruit “500 students from more then 40 countries.” This would have been impossible without YouTube and all the international users. (Case Study- Berklee)


Future Impact

Steve Rosenbaum is the CEO at and he believes that YouTube has too many videos.  The future for “YouTube is embracing the next phase of video. It’s called curation. A uniquely human activity that brings together often-diverse things, creates new experiences and makes content contextual.”  While the addition of curation may help organize and find videos easier most of YouTubes impact has already been seen but the advantages will always keep YouTube on top of the visual social media world. (Rosenbaum)


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