Godzilla & Edge of Tomorrow Reviews.

Let me start out by saying I am no movie critic,  I just enjoy watching movies.  I recently watched a couple of the summers hottest movies and I had a little something to say about them.  Just a quick spoiler alert i will not give out the whole plot but will talk about a few interesting parts of it.

The first movie I saw was “Godzilla”.  I was glad to see that the monster resembled more of the classic look rather the completely different looking monster in the last film.  In fact this whole movie had a classic appeal to it. The last film had Godzilla running around terrorizing everything, while this version of Godzilla was a hero.  Brian Cranston had the best role and its one we are all familiar with…the crazy scientist.   It seemed that he was going to be the main character which instead ended up being his son.  Most of the other character lack personalty and seem rather dull.  However the plot and special effects make up for all that and the two hour film is a pretty good one.  One thing I really didn’t like was how dark the film is, there are certainly a few times where you can’t see whats happening.  8.9/10

Judging by the commercials for “Edge of Tomorrow” there were two things I was sure of before seeing the film.  I had no idea what this movie is about and it doesn’t really make sense to me.  I gave it a shot and I must say I am impressed with this film.  The plot is so unique it got me thinking of how did they come up with it?  The movie almost resembles a video game where you battle until you die, then you start over at the last checkpoint.  I thought they did a good job of not making the movie seem to repetitive even though the characters are living the same day over and over. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt played the parts well.  Both of their roles were believable and it was cool to see the transformation of Tom’s character.  There is plenty of action in this movie, just picture D-day happening on repeat.  The special effects in the movie are awesome and it gives us a look at possible future war technology.  The best way I can describe it is a war film infused with science fiction.   Give this movie a shot!  9/10

Overall I would recommend you check both movies out.

How to Prevent Injury in Exercise Progression

June 26th, 2014

By: Pete Amos, Peninsula Pilates & Wellness

Many of us have encountered injury or pain while adhering to an exercise program.  A key factor in preventing injurys is posture alignment.  During exercise progression it becomes very easy to lose track of posture while you are pushing your body.  Nick Titley, an NPI- certified posture specialist says that “if you begin an exercise routine and have tight shoulder and rotator cuff muscles, you could be causing more harm in the long run if you decide to perform pushups.”  You may change your posture to adjust for the tight shoulders as a result of progressing to fast.  The key is to create an effective system of goals and evaluation.   Always use proper technique and posture.

I recently went through a slight foot injury caused by running on the treadmill.  I tried to push myself everyday and I ended up changing my posture to adjust for progressing too fast.  The pain was enough for me to stop running for two weeks, in the long run I lost all the progression I had made.  Take your time, wear proper equipment, and always watch your posture.


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